Surealia is an original ballet, beautifully written and deeply moving. We knew that we needed to create designs that would capture the essence of this treasured ballet and entice audiences to experience it for themselves. Our team was up to the challenge and set to work creating stunning imagery and posters that would showcase the magic of Surealia.

We worked closely with the team at Studio Roxander to ensure that our designs were a perfect match for their artistic vision. We took inspiration from the beauty and grace of ballet itself, and incorporated elements of the story to create designs that were both captivating and memorable. Each poster and image was carefully crafted to evoke the emotion and drama of Surealia, drawing viewers in and leaving them eager to see the show.

The end result was a promotional campaign that truly did justice to the beauty and artistry of Surealia. We are proud to have worked with Studio Roxander and to have played a part in bringing this amazing ballet to life. We can't wait for audiences to experience the magic of Surealia for themselves, and we hope that our designs will help to make this summer show a resounding success. If you are interested in creating stunning designs for your own artistic project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today.


Surealia Ballet

In this project, we were hired by a real estate developer to create a series of 3D architectural renderings for a proposed housing development.